Genius Energy Partners With Energeno’s Optimmersion Technology

Energeno have been at the forefront of highly-innovative, energy efficiency products for quite some time now.

Due to their technical knowledge, the quality of their products and the excellent customer service they provide, Genius Energy have chosen Energeno as their supplier of high quality immersion heating technology, which provides customers with a great way to utilise energy even more, as well as increase their green credentials and save an abundance of money in the process.


 This technology is especially popular with customers because utilising it with a solar panel system can effectively provide you with enough returns to pay for the immersion system after just two and a half years. After this point, customers will see YEARS of profit thanks to the reliability of the system. Not just a money saver, but a very attractive investment.

The technology works by taking surplus power generated (from solar for example) and diverting this extra energy to heat water in your immersion tank. In fact, the immersion controller is intelligent enough to start utilising the benefits of this surplus energy with as little as 50 watts excess energy maximising hot water which is extremely important in shorter winter days.

Genius Energy are the largest installer of privately owned renewable systems in the UK (including solar panels, biomass, solar thermal and much more) with an outlook to saving money for homes and businesses, so you can be sure they only look for the best technologies for their customers.

Genius Energy’s Phil Harding (installations manager) had this to say, “We are truly excited to be working alongside Energeno. They have the best and most innovative products in the field and we look forward to a long lasting partnership”..

 Energeno are one of the world's leaders in solar monitoring and intelligent switching. Mark Elliott, Energeno COO, says “Genius are a great partner for Energeno, they really value customer satisfaction as an effective sales tool. Happy customers make me happy too”

September 15, 2014

Solar Energy: Self sufficiency in touching distance

Source: ZNSHINE Solar, , 15th September 2014                        


                                      Andy’s PV-system and house in Weston-super-Mare

ZNSHINE SOLAR, a leading manufacturer of mono- and polycrystalline photovoltaic modules, equipped a residential rooftop installation of 4 kWp in Weston-super-Mare in the Southwest of England and did a case study showing it's efficiency. The PV system was installed on a roof of a house in the coastal town, which is located on the Bristol Channel coast in North Somerset, 18 miles south west of Bristol. The monitoring of the PV system started in 2012. The owner of the system, Andy Trewin, uses approximately 30% of the produced energy for his own needs, 70% are fed into the grid. In the UK all 100% of the energy produced provides returns in terms of FITs.

Andy has the PV system monitored by a professional monitoring system Wattson Anywhere and Wattson Solar Plus, produced by Energeno.  The PV plant feeds data through Optismart Gateway to an online portal dedicated to the PV system, which is monitored in real time. Under the following link the PV plant’s energy use and PV generation can be followed live with Wattson Anywhere.

“I am delighted to have a PV installation containing modules by ZNSHINE SOLAR on my roof and to be able to generate energy for my own consumption thanks to solar energy. I am very satisfied with the outcome of the PV system and the quality of the technology. Thanks to the PV plant, I have received payments of more than £4200 in two and a half years for the electricity generated and saved over £500 on my electricity bills. With Wattson Anywhere I can see how much money I´m saving when I´m on the go.”- Andy. 



                                Andy Trewin the satisfied customer checking the dashboard of the PV-system

Stuart Brannigan, ZNSHINE SOLAR Sales and Marketing Vice President, comments: “Although this is in fact a very small system and a tiny fraction of the modules we supply into the UK market, this serves as a demonstration of the quality and performance of our products. We are more and more active in the UK market, where we are making great inroads in penetrating both the large-scale installation segments, and through our partners the residential industry with its small-to medium PV systems. We are currently building further relationships with a selection of partners in all segments with whom we wish to reach out to the different market segments. As the PV market in the UK is moving from strength to strength in 2014, we are delighted to be able to expand our business in the country and to have a rapidly growing list of satisfied customers!”




May 09, 2014

Wattson used for behaviour change campaign

Wiltshire Council Staff Energy Behaviour Change Campaign - Use of home electricity monitors

Source: Wiltshire Staff Campaign Case Study

The SEACS project is a cooperation project funded by Europe between local authorities in Devon, Dorset, Wiltshire and Cotes D’Armor and Lannion-Trégor in Britanny, France. It aimed to share best practice on energy efficiency and behaviour change.

This campaign aimed to support Wiltshire staff in being energy efficient when working from home.
The campaign ran from January 2013 to February 2014, with an introduction to the campaign being displayed during climate week March 2013 and the full case studies, findings and advice being displayed in 2014.

SEACS case study photo

The Wattson monitor works out your average energy usage and displays a colour which indicates if your current use is above or below that level. This was seen as hugely beneficial by users as they were able to tell at a glance how they were performing. They also found that this was a simple way of engaging younger family members and friends; this could explain the slight elevation of Wattson users score in the “community” section of the matrix. On the whole users enjoyed the real-time display of their energy use but weren’t as keen to utilise the software and understand their energy consumption patterns.

May 02, 2014

Cut your energy use at home by half using Wattson: the challenge.

Source: The Guardian, Live Better: Energy Challenge, 7th April 2014


Tim Dowling works from home, has a busy family life, and likes the odd shower. Heartless creatures that we are, we challenged him to cut his energy use at home in half. What did he have to resort to in order to reduce his energy use by a whopping 50%? 

Live Better: Energy Spike

An energy spike when Tim was out of the house. Someone's using the oven on the sly. Photograph: /Tim Dowling

Tim Dowling: The basic idea is simple: I mean, if I am able, to cut my energy use in half, just by changing my habits. First, however, I need to know how much I am using normally. 

For electricity that's easy. A week early Richard Woods from Energeno showed up with a Wattson meter, which displays the amount of juice you’re drawing off the grid in real time. The box was bigger than I imagined it would be, and looked like a minimalist MP3 player.

“It’s designed to have a bit of presence,” he said. It’s meant to sufficiently imposing, I suppose, to stop you consigning it to a dusty drawer. You need to be able to see it whenever you walk by in order for it to work on you psychologically. Ironically, I have hidden it in a drawer for the first week, on Richard’s recommendation, so that it won’t influence my normal usage.

Richard put it on the kitchen worktop, plugged it in and switched it on.

“Why does it say “Ow”?,” I asked, pointing at that on the Wattson’s LED display.

“That just means ‘zero watts’,” he said. He disappeared into the cupboard under the stairs to clip a transmitter to the wires leading into the electricity meter. The Wattson began displaying numbers in kilowatt hours, and then, with a quick tilt, in tonnes of carbon, and finally, in money.

“So if you continued to use electricity at the present rate,” said Richard, “that’s how much it would cost you in a year.”

“1500 quid?” I said.

“You wouldn’t be using this much all the time, though.” I’m not so sure. The house was echoing with the sound of two radios playing the same station, even though no one was listening to either. Above that I could hear the washing machine start a spin cycle

Read full diary-style article here and see whether Tim managed his challenge.

April 30, 2014

First storage inverter project using Energeno products

Source: Solar Power Portal, 24th April 2014

GoodWe completes its first UK energy storage inverter project

Chinese inverter manufacturer, GoodWe, has installed its first energy-storage inverter in the UK.

The company’s EnerStore series bidirectional energy-storage inverter has been installed in a 400-year-old barn conversion in Cambridge.

Chris Poulton, the owner of the system explained why he opted for energy storage. He said: ““I'm using my EnerStore in conjunction with my Optimmersion to heat my water, cutting my bills and using all of my home generated electricity.” 

During daylight hours the home PV system generates electricity that is used to either meet the household’s load; feed into the National Grid or, to charge the battery in the inverter. Any energy stored in the battery can be released when the load demands it. In addition, the GoodWe inverter is capable of being charged from the grid via the inverter.

GoodWe’s energy storage inverter is a result of recent collaboration with London-based Energeno, designers of the Wattson Solar Plus energy monitor. GoodWe claims that the partnership has resulted in “sophisticated control” for the EnerStore system.

The company acknowledges that energy storage devices are not yet common in the UK but is predicting that the market will grow rapidly.  

A GoodWe spokesperson said: “Greater use of energy storage technologies is necessary for the UK to have the best chance of meeting its targets for renewable energy generation and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.”  


April 22, 2014

Citymart Showcase


Wattson Solar Plus certified showcase for the London Challenge as part of CityMart call for solutions. helps you find available solutions that meet the needs of cities and improve the quality of life for citizens.

To view the Certificate, click on the image below and use the below details to log in. Project ID: 718644448, Project PIN: 8326

CityMark project certification


Wattson Solar Plus shows in simple numbers and colours how much energy is being used in the home. Uniquely, it shows how much energy is being exported by the homes' Solar PV system to make best use of excess electricity generation.

Being aware of excess electricity produced by solar panels allows Wattson users to reduce their electricity costs and also use smart switches to heat water, wash or dry clothes, provide temporary heating or cooling, etc...
The solution even goes as far as pairing with other smart switches and solutions to make automating in-house consumption as easy as possible.

View the project.

April 14, 2014


Optimmersion Wireless sits proudly at the heart of the Efficient Energy Centre in Hereford's showroom.

Allan and Sophie, showroom managers have installed an Optimmersion Wireless right next to the inverter as you come in to the show room. The power throttle is connected to the immersion heater of a 300 litre tank, that is also fed from a pellet boiler.

Allan is extremely happy with the Optimmersion system, saying that he has been able to turn off the pellet boiler and only expects to have to turn it on in the winter. The thermostat on the side of the boiler showed the water inside to be at 60° and the 4kW East facing PV had produced 16.5kW today.

Visitors to the showroom have been very curious and enthused about the system, already leading to pre-orders for Allan and Sophie.


2 Harrow Road, HR4 0EH     A view from the showroom

EEC 1     EEC2  

Click here for more information about the Efficient Energy Centre.

April 11, 2014

Advert in REI

Source: Renewable Energy Installer Magazine, April issue


Energeno Quarter Page Advert for REI April issue 2014

Look out for our advert in this month’s issue of Renewable Energy Installer Magazine.

We are promoting all versions of Optimmersion and are directing potential buyers to Optimmersion distributors. Please inform Energeno if you would like to stock Optimmersion and feature in future adverts.

Click here to read the issue, we are on page 20.

April 08, 2014

Energeno in Água & Ambiente (Portugal)

Source: Água & Ambiente, largest Portuguese Environmental magazine

Água & Ambiente article from UKTI trade mission to Portugal 1of2  Água & Ambiente article from UKTI trade mission to Portugal 2of2

April 04, 2014


SunGift Trade

Source: Sungift Trade

With the introduction of the wireless Optimmersion last month proving to be a hit, Sungift would like propose a special offer for those of you on the edge and not quite knowing if to take that leap into changing over.

The latest stats show the Optimmersion streaks ahead of their competition so now is the time to start offering this product to your customers.

For your first Optimmersion order from SunGiftTrade we would like to offer you the one off price of £250 ex VAT ex Delivery so you can see for yourself just how beneficial the Optimmersion really is!

To place an order or for more information please call 01392 927652 or email

April 01, 2014

Energeno Wattson Classic review

Source: Which?

Wattson Classic Which review Mar2014

Energy monitors: Compare features & prices

Energeno Wattson Classic review

The Energeno Wattson Classic energy monitor is an attractive piece of kit. It has a clock and mood lighting to indicate energy usage. It will also track your historical data if you go online. But is this energy monitor worth the hefty price tag? Does it give accurate readings, and how easy is it to install and use to track your energy usage? We sent it to our lab to find out.

Amber2 wrote:
Brilliant to use with solar panels 
I have this and have solar panels. It makes life easy quick and very visual. The light is green when I am producing more energy than I am using thus reminding me instantly that I can put on the washing machine or dishwasher etc without it costing me anything. Whilst it may not be the best for people without solar I would highly recommend it for those with.

March 28, 2014

New resource for Social Housing

We have created a leaflet for installers of Wattson Solar Plus for Social Housing to leave-behind for tenants.

It is a straightforward document that explains how to use the Wattson display provided, as well as how tenants can reduce their bills even further. The leaflet has received the Crystal Mark approval by the plain english campaign.


We hope that both tenants and installers alike can understand it and make good use of it.

Social housing leaflet

View & download it here.

March 24, 2014

Optimmersion update - March 2014

The functionality of Optimmersion has been improved for more flexible customer configuration. These improvements include a more intuitive slider switch, easier steps for setting the system and individual priority settings for each boost period as well as for normal operation (not for Simple).

The improvements also include easier visibility of the data received in Optimmersion Wireless, a simplified user manual for customers to understand the colour display and the commissioning process found in the installer manual  has been broken down into steps.

It is imperative that all Optimmersion installations are conducted following the manual provided in the box as the wiring and commissioning is specific to the product supplied.

For more information, you can read more about this in our Knowledge Base.

March 21, 2014

Host your own successful training day

After the success of EH Smith's training day for all Energeno products (more info here), we are confident that all distributors can host training for installers, securing enough interest to make it an educating, engaging and informative day.

Energeno is committed to support distributor training days, provide appropriate marketing materials, sales techniques and technical knowledge to ensure that all topics are covered. 

Contact Richard Woods to arrange training for your installers today! We cover items such as introduction to the Energeno range, how all products come together, installation training for all products and future products.


HIghlights at EH Smith

Rich@EH Smith trainingAndy Oram, EH Smith Sales Manager (left) & Richard Woods, Energeno Head of UK Sales (right)


"The feedback overall was great, and everyone was interested in the products!" Max Parker, EH Smith Sustainable Products.

Overall, the team is happy with the quality of the turnout and the feedback received.

Attendees all seemed interested and were engaging with the sales team during the Q&A session.

The items covered were functionality and installation of Wattson Solar Plus (with and without Easifit), Optiplug and Optimmersion (all versions).

We discussed the possibility of running hot tubs with the Optimmersion and the idea of using the Optiplug with infrared heaters.

March 19, 2014

Energeno's Wattson & Optiplug in Wired Magazine

Source: Wired Magazine, UK edition, March 14.

Wired March 2014 issue (1) Wired March 2014 issue (2) Wired March 2014 issue (3)

Devices #4

Energy Efficiency

The smart grid, with real-time monitoring, will lower energy consumption and identify inneficient or defective appliances. The Energeno Wattson started life as a simple tool to measure electricity consumption: its product range now extends to systems to measure and distributte energy from "off grid" sources, such as solar panels.

"Micro-generation" will help to realise the energy savings of smart buildings, along with demand management: a smart dishwasher might recommend waiting an hour before activation, because the grid tells it that demand is high.

Cisco, Internet of everything, the connected home. Join the conversation: @ciscoUKI #TOMORROWstartshere

March 13, 2014

Installer training day at EH Smith

Source: EH Smith Sustaibale Products

EH Smith, distributors of all Energeno products are hosting an intelligent controls training event for installers.


This product training and awareness event will be focusing on how the Energeno WATTSON and other Energeno products can help you save money and also teach you how to properly make use of your free electricity. There will be an interactive demo of Wattson & Optiplug to get people involved.


Thursday 20th March, 9am - 1 pm.


EH Smith, Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom

Sign-me up


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