December 19, 2013


Change of address


The Energeno office has moved from City Road to Phipp Street. Our new address is:

Energeno Ltd
W117, Holywell Centre

1 Phipp Street


Please ensure that your records are updated so that all mail, returns, invoices and purchase orders are sent to this new address. Our contact telephone numbers remain the same so there is no need to amend these.

You can see the new office location here.


Holiday Wishes

The entire Energeno team would like to extend their best wishes for the festive period.

Merry Christmas & happy New Year
Joyeux Noël
& bonne Année
Frohe Weihnachten & ein glückliches neues Jahr
Vrolijk Kerstfeest & Gelukkig Nieuwjaar
Feliz Navidad & feliz Año Nuevo
Buon Natale & felice Anno Nuovo

We look forward to working with you in 2014.

December 16, 2013

Energeno Christmas Opening Hours


 With the festive season fast approaching and our upcoming change of address, please be aware of our Christmas schedule to ensure minimal disruption of your ordering process.

Office closure - Christmas period

The Energeno office will be closed from Tuesday 24th December until Thursday 2nd January.


Last orders - Christmas period

The last order date for delivery of products in 2013 is Tuesday 17th December.
Please note that only whole cartons will be delivered between Thursday 2nd January and Wednesday 8th January 2014 (inclusive).
- Wattsons (12 per carton). 
- Optimmersion/Optismart Hot Water (4 per carton).
- Optiplugs (40 per carton). 


Change of address  

We will be changing address over the Christmas period. We will notify you of the new address once confirmed. For this reason, please be aware that we will not accept product returns from Tuesday 9th December to Thursday 2nd January 2014. You will need to contact the HelpDesk or your usual representative if you have any products to return.

December 10, 2013

Pégase Energy launch web-shop

Our exclusive distributors in France Pégase Energy launched their web-shop on Friday. They are sporting the entire Energeno range of products, with a focus on renewable energy.

Pegase Energy are using Optimmersion and Optiplug to promote their home automation solutions to ensure the benefits of self-consumption are reaped.


Pegase web shop


Pégase Energy, nos partenaires exclusifs en France, on lancé leur magasin en-ligne vendredi. Ils arborent toute la gamme des produits Energeno, en mettant l'accent sur ​​les énergies renouvelables.

Pégase Energy utilisent Optimmersion et Optiplug pour promouvoir leurs solutions de domotique pour s'assurer de profiter des avantages de l'auto-consommation.

December 06, 2013

Wattson used in Healthy Living flats - Hong Kong

Wattson Classic, Silver Lining, featured in Wall Street Journal Asia, Life & Style, Homes.


Wattson Classic in HK

Developer and co-owner Henning Voss is re-envisioning this 880-square-foot home in Hong Kong's Sheung Wan district by addressing health and environmental concerns.

Many features are neatly hidden in the construction of the space, including an advanced air purifier, which filters out volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, and formaldehyde. Also, a number of living air filters in the form of plants are scattered throughout the apartment. They provide both an organic aesthetic and an efficient filter for hazardous airborne particles.

This Wattson Classic energy monitor glows red when usage is high, and it will send energy consumption data wirelessly to a mobile device.

Look out for the next development in MAR 2014 - Creating Health at Home.

November 29, 2013

Optimmersion advert in REI

Source: Renewable Energy Installer Magazine, December/January issue


Energeno Quarter Page Advert for REI October issue 2013

Look out for our advert in this month’s issue of Renewable Energy Installer Magazine.

We are promoting all versions of Optimmersion and are directing potential buyers to Optimmersion distributors.

Click here to read the issue, we are on page 47.


November 13, 2013

Optismart Range Case Study

See how the combination of Optimmersion, Optiplug and Wattson Solar Plus cuts the Davies household usage by 94%.

Case Study Thumbnail

View Case Study

We always like to hear from you or your customers. If you have a similar story and would like to share it with others, please get in touch with our Marketing Officer.

October 14, 2013

Thank you for visiting us at SEUK 2013

Thank you for visiting the Energeno stand at Solar Energy UK. Brief overview of Wattson Solar Plus, Optiplug and Optimmersion. List of distributors.
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Wattson News
Many thanks for coming to see us on the stand – the popularity of our products continues to keep us exceptionally busy.  Energeno has a comprehensive product set ranging from simple usage monitoring to advanced solutions to make the most efficient use of free generated electricity.

Just in case you missed any points, we have detailed an interesting overview of all our products below.
We have good distribution through trade and retail outlets, so your current distributor is likely to offer our range; if not please let us know as it is likely we are negotiating with them.
We will be following up any individual requests over the next couple of weeks. Should you need further information earlier, please contact us so we can help you.
Kind regards,
The Energeno team.


Richard Woods                        Andy Trewin
Head of UK Sales                     Optimmersion Specialist        
0203 286 0138                        0207 193 0755


RRP from £299.99, depending on model.
•The best solution to get the best possible returns from Solar PV
•Turns any surplus electricity from Solar PV into free hot water
•Helps reduce water heating bills
•No plumbing is required
•Varies power immersion heater takes from 50W up to 3kw
•Colour display shows what are being Generated, Consumed & Diverted to the Immersion heater
•Works independently or can work with Wattson Solar Plus and Optiplugs to use surplus energy
•Optimmersion is available in 3 versions - Simple, Wired & Wireless
•The other immersion control systems only heat water and don’t do anything else
Optimmersion Simple (RRP £299.99)
•The simplest Optimmersion, focused solely on providing free hot water
Optimmersion Wired (RRP £354.11)
•Optimmersion Wired. The perfect choice for anyone with an off peak tariff such as Economy7
Optimmersion Wireless (RRP £405.74)
•Optimmersion Wireless - Simple installation via a wireless link between the Controller and the Power Throttle
•This is the perfect choice whenever re-wiring may be required or when the customer already has a Wattson
•Also suited to mass-rollouts where speed and standardisation of install is key
Optismart Hot Water (RRP £498.73)
•All the benefits of Optimmersion Wireless and a Wattson Solar Plus
• Quick & easy install and showing when more free electricity is available to use or to control Optiplugs
•Optismart Hot Water includes a Wattson display that receives data from the Transmitter built into Optimmersion Wireless 
•The perfect choice when the customer wants the additional benefits of a Wattson display and the chance to add Optiplugs

Wattson Solar Plus

Wattson Solar Plus (RRP £139.95)

Wattson Solar Plus with Easifit (RRP £159.95)
•Wattson is a wireless remote visual display, showing when free electricity is available
•Glows bright green when appliances can be run on free electricity
•Measures both Generation & Usage and shows available power in Watts
•Save money and get better returns on Solar PV investments
•Shows the cost of running any appliance in the home to help reduce electricity bills even further


RRP £49.95 Inc VAT
•Optiplug turns appliances on when they can run for free and off when they can’t
•Automatically makes use of free electricity even if no-one is at home
•Many uses - electric heaters, air-conditioning, heated towel rails, pond pumps etc
•Works with existing Wattson - ideal low-cost upgrade
•Simple installation no site visit required can be sent to customers by post for self-install

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October 07, 2013

Optimmersion in Renewable Energy installer

Source: Renewable Energy Installer Magazine, October issue


Energeno Quarter Page Advert for REI October issue 2013

Look out for our advert in this month’s issue of Renewable Energy Installer Magazine.

We are promoting all versions of Optimmersion and are directing potential buyers to our current Optimmersion distributors.

Click here to read the issue, we are on page 12.


October 02, 2013

Optiplug is BPVA's product of the week

BPVa product of week 021013

September 27, 2013

Savvy Savers

Source: CSMA Club Magazine, October issue.

Wattson Classic is featured as a practical product to help reduce energy use in your home, in partnership with Nigel's Ecostore.

Wattson Classic in CSMA Club Mag October13View page
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September 16, 2013

Energeno at Solar Energy UK 2013


Energeno is pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at Solar Energy UK this year, on stand F46.

After the success of last year’s show, we will be presenting our complete product set, including the popular Wattson Solar Plus range and the growing Optismart range. We will be demonstrating Optiplug, Wattson Solar Plus and Optimmersion individually but we also have a new sales tool to show you how they all work together.

With a number of Energeno distributors present at the show, you’ll have no trouble finding one to suit your product requirements.

We look forward to seeing you in 3 weeks!


Click here for your copy of the invitation.

Invite screenshot

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September 05, 2013

Countdown begins to Solar Energy UK 2013

Source: Renewable Energy Installer Magazine, September 2013 Issue, page 39.

REI September issue

The Energeno sales team on the stand at Solar Power UK 2012 is chosen to illustrate article related to this year's show. See page 39 of magazine to read article.

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August 29, 2013

Behavioral insights for sustainable behavior

Source:, published on 19th August 2013 by Amira Choueiki (Deloitte)

We all know ‘being green' can be a challenge. Whether it's remembering to take your reusable grocery bags to the store, waiting to pass by a recycle bin to toss your soda can, or riding the metro instead of hailing that cab, environmental friendliness often requires extra effort. However, we also know that collectively, these small choices can have a huge impact. Finding ways to encourage green behavior often demonstrates one of the areas that can be most difficult as it requires citizens to go against several of the ‘defaults' of human behavior - but effective tools exist. Here are a few examples.

Prime waste management with visual cues. In results published by the Danish Nudge Network (DNN) in March 2013, a reduction in food waste was directly related to plate size provided to conference attendees. At the Danish Executive Summit, two buffet lines offered two separate plate sizes - in the control group, the normal 27 cm diameter plate was offered, while in the treatment buffet line, a 24 cm diameter plate was set. All remaining food waste was collected following the luncheon and weighed, with outstanding results. The group using the smaller, 24 cm plate produced 26% less food waste than the group with the larger 27 cm plate - confirming the hypothesis that a subtle change in environment - in this case, a plate size - could influence sustainable food portioning.

Prior to this experiment, in 2011 DNN used visual cues to prime people's tendency to dispose of their garbage responsibly. In round one, researchers passed out caramel candies to passing pedestrians. Soon after, they carefully counted wrappers found in trash cans, ashtrays, bike baskets, and surrounding streets. In round two, they handed out the same candies but placed green footprints on the ground leading to nearby trash cans. Astonishingly, this resulted in 46% fewer wrappers found in inappropriate places. This concept is being applied in all sorts of ways - Wattson (which shows your household energy use and associated cost at a given time) and eFergy Showertime (which shows your length of shower and amount of water used in comparison to a set target) serve as reminders of energy and water use - visually priming in a simple, straightforward way. As the design of new smart meters and grids are developed, there is potential to consider these visual cue aspects to encourage responsible household resource use.

Make it a game. Organizations like Recyclebank have taken a carrot rather than stick approach to behavior change. They partner with companies to creatively incentivize recycling programs. Participants can ‘cash in' recycled goods for points, earning them discounts and credit at popular stores such as Target and Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Recyclebank proved that it is possible to increase participants' active involvement in environmentally friendly activities that ranged from switching to energy-saving light bulbs to buying more local produce. The Fun Theory incentivizes the development of games to encourage better behavior with a competition. Several of these efforts have focused on re-designing recycling receptacles as various arcade games, significantly increasing their use.

Read full article here.

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August 22, 2013

German Distributor featured in PV Mag online

Our German distributor Symström now has a web-shop and is selling Wattson Solar Plus as part of their product offering. 

Symström: Display leuchtet grün bei Überschuss

Source: PV Magazine DE, 20th August 2013

Das Leipziger Start-up Symström bietet in seinem Onlineshop ein neues Design-Display, das Wattson Solar Plus an. Es visualisiert sowohl die Stromerzeugung als auch den Verbrauch des Haushalts. Es leuchtet grün, wenn die Erzeugung den Verbrauch übersteigt und noch weitere Verbraucher zugeschaltet werden können. Im entgegengesetzten Fall schimmert es rot. Das Gerät arbeitet unabhängig von Wechselrichter und Stromzählern. Es werden stattdessen Stromzangen um die Stromphasen geklemmt, die die Energie messen. Ein Sender funkt die Daten dann an das Display. Auch die Leistung von Blockheizkraftwerk oder Windanlage könne damit erfasst werden, so Symström. Per USB-Kabel lassen sich die gesammelten Daten auch auf einen Computer überspielen.

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August 13, 2013

News about Holmes & Wattson

Newsletter sent out on 9/08/2013 to all Holmes users.

Please click here to read the latest Holmes and Wattson news.


Wattson News
Dear Wattson and Holmes users,

We are proud to announce that our Holmes software has been redeveloped and is once again available for Mac OSX as well as Windows based computers. It is now easier to see how much you’re spending on electricity, when you use it most, and how to reduce what you use when you don’t need it.

As of September 2011, Wattson products are manufactured and distributed by Energeno Ltd, who purchased Wattson from DIY Kyoto. The new generation of products include Wattson Solar Plus, Wattson Classic and WattsonXL. The good news is that Wattsons purchased before September 2011 (Wattson01, Wattson Limited Edition, Wattson Solar) can also benefit from the increased capability of the display firmware and transmitter, see below. 

So download our news Holmes 2.0 software and take a look at our other new products and special offers while it’s installing.

Kind Regards,

The Energeno team.
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