March 28, 2014

New resource for Social Housing

We have created a leaflet for installers of Wattson Solar Plus for Social Housing to leave-behind for tenants.

It is a straightforward document that explains how to use the Wattson display provided, as well as how tenants can reduce their bills even further. The leaflet has received the Crystal Mark approval by the plain english campaign.


We hope that both tenants and installers alike can understand it and make good use of it.

Social housing leaflet

View & download it here.

March 24, 2014

Optimmersion update - March 2014

The functionality of Optimmersion has been improved for more flexible customer configuration. These improvements include a more intuitive slider switch, easier steps for setting the system and individual priority settings for each boost period as well as for normal operation (not for Simple).

The improvements also include easier visibility of the data received in Optimmersion Wireless, a simplified user manual for customers to understand the colour display and the commissioning process found in the installer manual  has been broken down into steps.

It is imperative that all Optimmersion installations are conducted following the manual provided in the box as the wiring and commissioning is specific to the product supplied.

For more information, you can read more about this in our Knowledge Base.

March 21, 2014

Host your own successful training day

After the success of EH Smith's training day for all Energeno products (more info here), we are confident that all distributors can host training for installers, securing enough interest to make it an educating, engaging and informative day.

Energeno is committed to support distributor training days, provide appropriate marketing materials, sales techniques and technical knowledge to ensure that all topics are covered. 

Contact Richard Woods to arrange training for your installers today! We cover items such as introduction to the Energeno range, how all products come together, installation training for all products and future products.


HIghlights at EH Smith

Rich@EH Smith trainingAndy Oram, EH Smith Sales Manager (left) & Richard Woods, Energeno Head of UK Sales (right)


"The feedback overall was great, and everyone was interested in the products!" Max Parker, EH Smith Sustainable Products.

Overall, the team is happy with the quality of the turnout and the feedback received.

Attendees all seemed interested and were engaging with the sales team during the Q&A session.

The items covered were functionality and installation of Wattson Solar Plus (with and without Easifit), Optiplug and Optimmersion (all versions).

We discussed the possibility of running hot tubs with the Optimmersion and the idea of using the Optiplug with infrared heaters.

March 19, 2014

Energeno's Wattson & Optiplug in Wired Magazine

Source: Wired Magazine, UK edition, March 14.

Wired March 2014 issue (1) Wired March 2014 issue (2) Wired March 2014 issue (3)

Devices #4

Energy Efficiency

The smart grid, with real-time monitoring, will lower energy consumption and identify inneficient or defective appliances. The Energeno Wattson started life as a simple tool to measure electricity consumption: its product range now extends to systems to measure and distributte energy from "off grid" sources, such as solar panels.

"Micro-generation" will help to realise the energy savings of smart buildings, along with demand management: a smart dishwasher might recommend waiting an hour before activation, because the grid tells it that demand is high.

Cisco, Internet of everything, the connected home. Join the conversation: @ciscoUKI #TOMORROWstartshere

March 13, 2014

Installer training day at EH Smith

Source: EH Smith Sustaibale Products

EH Smith, distributors of all Energeno products are hosting an intelligent controls training event for installers.


This product training and awareness event will be focusing on how the Energeno WATTSON and other Energeno products can help you save money and also teach you how to properly make use of your free electricity. There will be an interactive demo of Wattson & Optiplug to get people involved.


Thursday 20th March, 9am - 1 pm.


EH Smith, Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom

Sign-me up


EH Smith logo

March 10, 2014

Energeno in REI Ecobuild preview

Source: REI Mag, March 2014 issue.

As well as having an advert for Optimmersion ( page 19) in the March edition of Renewable Energy Installer Magazine, Energeno features in the Ecobuild preview of  thi's month's magazine (page 20).


REI March - Ecobuild preview19032014

Show and tell

Energeno will be at Ecobuild this year showcasing it offering for housing associations, social landlords and free-solar companies. The company's focus is on the shared benefits of of PV technology for tenants, landlords and installation companies.

On its stand, Energeno says it will demonstrate how social landlords can benefit from increased tenant yield, rent yield and sign up with both the Optimmersion intelligent controller, and the Wattsin Solar Plus energy monitor.

Energeno is also looking to talk to PV businesses looking at cost effectice technologies to offer their customers, or homeowners looking for ways to maximise the use of solar power.


Energeno Quarter Page Advert for REI April issue 2014


March 03, 2014

Energeno shortlisted for Energy Innovation Award

Source: Energy Innvation Awards

 Energeno is delighted to be shortlisted for the International Trade Award, as part of the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2014. This award is sponsored by UK Trade & Investment and the winner will be announced on the 24th April 2013.

Our trade in Australia, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany and other overseas market is
an important part of our business and this award would strengthen our presence in new and
existing markets. 

UK Energy & Innovation Award shortlist

February 27, 2014

LCX at CIH Brighton

Source: Low Carbon Exchange (LCX)

Energeno's social housing partners Low Carbon Exchange will be exhibiting at CIH in Brighton next week, 4-6th March. The Chartered Institute of Housing is open to all involved in Social Housing and runs events over the whole country.

LCX will be showcasing the Wattson Solar Plus for Social Housing and how it can help tenants, landlords and social housing investors make the most of Solar PV.

Energeno is looking forward to supporting LCX for the next CIH show in Torquay, 2-4th April.

CIH-brighton House Image with LCX logo

February 24, 2014

Energeno supports ETV

Sources: Power of Scotland blogPollution solutionsEnergy VoiceScottish energy news


EU Environmental Technology Verification 

On 12 February 2014, the Centre for Carbon Measurement at NPL held the first Scottish Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Workshop at the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation. 

Mark Elliott, Chief Operations Officer at Energeno Ltd said: “We are a small company and we are very proud of our products, both the iconic Wattson Solar Plus energy monitor and our new Optimmersion product. We see the ETV scheme as an important way of showing the benefits of our product over the competition, which would not be possible using general standards. The fact that ETV is backed by the European Commission means it is easily understood by our international customers as a mark of quality and proof that our product claims are independently verified.”

Andy Trewin, Optimmersion Specialist at Energeno shared experiences from an SME perspective, where competitors make un-verified claims that make it hard to gain a competitive edge. Energeno are undertaking ETV to prove their technology works at a higher performance than other similar technologies on the market, enabling a larger market share for a novel technology that does not have the support of industry standards.

Andy ETV

What is ETV?

The EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is a three-year pilot programme aimed at helping innovative environmental technologies reach the market. Often novel technologies lack industry standards and a ‘track record’ which investors require in order to finance commercial scale take-up. ETV aims to bridge the gap between market ready technology and investor confidence by providing a third party verification statement that confirms the technology ‘does what it says on the tin’.

Read full ETV workshop report


February 18, 2014

Optimmersion – It’s A No Brainer!

Source: SunGift Trade February News & Special Offers, 14.02.14

Over the last year we have seen many products come into the market that export additional electricity produced from your PV array into your hot water tank. We have been rather cautious when approaching these types of products as we like to be sure that the products are of top quality and we believe we have found this in the Optimmersion.

Click here for a quick introduction to the Optimmersion.

Optimmersion comes with a whole host of great sales points. Here are a few that caught our eye:

• The Optimmersion can be bought as a wireless unit as well as a wired unit.
• User Friendly – Colour screen that indicates ‘at a glance’ how your system is generating.
• More information – The Optimmersion also shows you how much electricity your PV is generating in real time as well as what your house is using, so lots more information than other brands.
• More hot water – The Optimmersion only needs 50w surplus to kick in, other brands need around 200w, heat your water for longer.
• Easy Install – Like anything, it takes a while to get use to new products but we see installation time as being an hour and a half decreasing the more you install!
• Cost – The Optimmersion does more for less! It is really cost effective and gives a lot more information than other brands on the display, leaving you with a very happy customer.

To order your today please contact Scott or Donna on 01392 927652 or email

February 10, 2014

Energeno exhibiting at Ecobuild 2014

EcoBuild 2014

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Good afternoon

Energeno would like to invite you to Ecobuild 2014, the world’s leading event for sustainable design, construction, energy and the built environment.

This year we will be showcasing our offering for Housing Associations, Social Landlords and Free-Solar companies. The focus is on the shared benefits of Solar PV technology for tenants, landlords and installation companies.

On stand, we will demonstrate how Social Landlords benefit from increased tenant yield, rent yield and sign-up with, amongst its wide-range of products, Optimmersion® (the intelligent immersion controller delivering bill reduction directly to the user) and Wattson Solar Plus (friendly energy monitor giving tenants the green light to use free electricity).

All Energeno products are inverter independent, modular and made to help people with renewable energy realise the full benefit of their generation; with this in mind, your Energeno solution can grow as your project grows.

We’d love to talk to you about your needs, whether you are a Solar PV business looking at cost effective technologies to offer or a homeowner looking for ways to maximise the use of your solar power.


Register For your Free Ticket


Come and visit us on stand

We look forward to seeing you in March.

Kind regards,
The Energeno team
UK trade & Investment UK Green Building Council

February 03, 2014

Advert in REI

Source: Renewable Energy Installer Magazine, February issue


Energeno Quarter Page Advert for REI October issue 2013

Look out for our advert in this month’s issue of Renewable Energy Installer Magazine.

We are promoting all versions of Optimmersion and are directing potential buyers to Optimmersion distributors. Please inform Energeno if you would like to stock Optimmersion and feature in future adverts.

Click here to read the issue, we are on page 36.


January 23, 2014

Wattson for Social Housing Case Study

Wattson Solar Plus helps Social Housing tenants understand the benefits of Solar PV so they won't accidentally turn it off.

Case Study 2 Thumbnail

View Case Study

We always like to hear from you or your customers. If you have a similar story and would like to share it with others, please get in touch with our Marketing Officer.

January 17, 2014

Energeno Top 10 Green Company

Source: Sustainable Business Toolkit, 16th January 2014

Making your business more sustainable and environmentally friendly is cool, but being sustainable by design is super cool!

There are many companies who have developed green business models that provide products and services that have intrinsic sustainability attributes.

In this post we highlight our top 10 super cool, super green and sustainable companies for 2014.

The list is in no particular order as we think each company has attributes that are worthy of equal recognition.

Top 10 Green Companies, 2014


Energeno designs products & services that empower individuals to better manage their energy use. The company creates beautifully designed products to help people understand and control their personal impact on the environment.

Energeno value simple things! From their humble beginnings, they have aimed to produce products of perfect convenience and utility – elegant in conception, efficient in operation.

We think they have nailed it!


Read full article by Mark Whitman.

January 15, 2014

BPVA product of the week

Wattson Solar Plus Monitoring System with Easifit

This device monitors and displays electricity consumption and generation on the same unit. Easy to install and compatible with all inverter brands. With Easifit, Wattson Solar Plus is even simpler to install.

Technical Information:
  • The display glows green to alert users when more power is being generated than used.
  • Works with all solar, wind and water generation systems.
  • Shows the electricity in use in your home at any given time in cost, watts or kg carbon for better visibility of your daily electricity activity.
  • With Easifit, Wattson Solar Plus is even simpler to install
For more FREE expert advise or to place an order, please call us on 0845 070 3406 or email us at

BPVa product of week 150114