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February 18, 2014

Optimmersion – It’s A No Brainer!

Source: SunGift Trade February News & Special Offers, 14.02.14

Over the last year we have seen many products come into the market that export additional electricity produced from your PV array into your hot water tank. We have been rather cautious when approaching these types of products as we like to be sure that the products are of top quality and we believe we have found this in the Optimmersion.

Click here for a quick introduction to the Optimmersion.

Optimmersion comes with a whole host of great sales points. Here are a few that caught our eye:

• The Optimmersion can be bought as a wireless unit as well as a wired unit.
• User Friendly – Colour screen that indicates ‘at a glance’ how your system is generating.
• More information – The Optimmersion also shows you how much electricity your PV is generating in real time as well as what your house is using, so lots more information than other brands.
• More hot water – The Optimmersion only needs 50w surplus to kick in, other brands need around 200w, heat your water for longer.
• Easy Install – Like anything, it takes a while to get use to new products but we see installation time as being an hour and a half decreasing the more you install!
• Cost – The Optimmersion does more for less! It is really cost effective and gives a lot more information than other brands on the display, leaving you with a very happy customer.

To order your today please contact Scott or Donna on 01392 927652 or email sales@sungifttrade.co.uk


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The fact that it can be bought as a wireless unite,it's a huge advantage for me.

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