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April 11, 2012

Ten Great Gadgets To Save Money And Energy At Home

Huffington Post UK Edition, 19/03/12

With the incandescent light bulb now banned, and the south east of England heading towards drought, it's high time to get your hands on some stylish high tech gadgets to make your home more environmentally sound.

There are handsome gadgets just waiting to catch your eye and reduce your triple bottom line.

Plumen, above, is the first and only designer low emission light bulb, and looks gorgeous hanging bare, sans light shade.

The Wattson energy meter is one of the most attractive ways of watching your energy consumption. The slick white exterior displays energy prices and how much you're consuming, adding it up over the year. The amount you burn is also reflected in colours emitted. Red means your energy usage is high, while blue means it's low.

In 2009, the Energy Saving Trust said the largest amount of CO2 emissions from domestic water use in the future is likely to come from showering. With drought officially declared in the south east, it's high time we set to monitoring the amount we use in the shower. Both the Water Pebble and Eco Showerdrop are stylish ways to do just that.

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These intelligent energy saving products improve energy efficiency and will help you to save money and save energy, so reducing your carbon footprint, cutting your energy bills and helping you to live a more sustainable life.

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